Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready to Launch, Round 2

I just realized that as I type this, I have no idea where I left off last time :)

So we just returned from the doctor. I say we, but it wasn't Hubby and I that went...I took my mommy with me. It's been a hundred days again (give or take about 80), and I took Chlomid this month, but haven't gotten the amusing little sticks to tell me if I'm ovulating or not. One should have seen the Walmart cart last night. We'd run out of ovulation predictor sticks, and they're not sold in Podunk, so we had to get them at Walmart in a neighboring town. While there, we remembered that Podunk also doesn't sell the type of pregnancy test that the Dr. recommended, so we stocked up on those too. We were either the most optimistic people ever or the most confused--but the checker didn't comment (bless her!).

Apparently both sides are ready to launch. This means that we'll give them another day to mature a little more (the eggs are not as "fat" as the last month, but there's two this time, so twice the chance, right?). This also means I'm looking for someone to stab me with a needle tomorrow night.

My father is normally embarrassed by talk about subjects that "should remain private," but he's the family expert on giving shots. Also, as my mom pointed out, we're wagering that if it means he's a step closer to grandparenthood, he may be game.

And once I'm shot, the count down begins. The cute little nurse that I thought may have belonged in high school helped me figure out the days, and waved her crossed fingers at me as I left. She actually has 3 children!

It's hard to believe this is technically only month 2 of trying with this doctor as I feel like we've been counting days forever. It's a good thing it's only round two because I'm still asking stupid questions of the doctor's office. It's hard to believe that in 2 more months we move on to the next step, because that seems so soon. It's a good thing that we set a time frame because I'm already wondering what's taking so long!

Are you as confused as we are?